Shoe Last Maker Frequently Asked Questions and Trouble Shooting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Shoe Last Maker available on Mac?

    Not currently, and probably not for quite some time.

  • Can I import shoe lasts I have 3D models for?

    You can’t import external shoe last CAD models exactly. What you can do is put them on a temporary layer and then adjust a Shoe Last Maker template until it is a reasonable match. This is a time consuming process. But once you have a template you like, creating a coherent library of templates is more straightforward than with other shoe last software programs.

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Sometimes Shoe Last Maker has problems when I put in zeros for parameters.

    Zero values essentially tell Shoe Last Maker that you are working with a template that was developed in an older version of the plugin that did not have that parameter. The workaround is to use a number close to zero, like 0.1 for instance.

  • I can't rotate the shoe last, my viewport is only panning.

    Sometimes this can happen and I’m not sure why. The fix is use the rotateView command (or button) to get it back to rotating.

  • Shoe lasts in shaded mode have a lot of confusing curves all over the surfaces.

    These would be isocurves. You can turn them off in the display settings of Rhino by setting them to zero width:

    Tools/Options/View/Display Modes/Shaded/Objects/Surfaces/Isocurve Width

  • View rotating is very slow on my computer, what can I do?

    Generally you want a relatively new computer to run Shoe Last Maker smoothly. But to make it run smoothly on an older machine, it helps to run in shaded mode rather than rendered.