Updating Shoe Last Maker

The following is an explanation on how to update Shoe Last Maker.

  • First download the latest version here: https://shoelastmaker.com/product/shoe-last-maker-plugin/.
  • Once you have the new rhp file, you’ll want to see where the old one was installed. You can discover this by right clicking Shoe Last Maker within the plugin manager.
  • Close Rhino and delete the old version and copy the new version to the same location. Make sure the name is identical, as sometimes duplicate files in the downloads folder will get some suffix whereas it has to be identical to the original.
  • Right click the new version in windows explorer, go to properties, and make sure it is unblocked for security.
  • Re-open Rhino, open the plugin manager and make sure Shoe Last Maker is enabled.
  • If necessary, get the side panel back via the OpenShoeLastMakerPanel command.
  • There may be a shorter way to go about this. Perhaps just dragging and dropping the new file might work for some. But the above is sure to work.

    If you ever want to check to see if your current version is up to date, right click on Shoe Last Maker in the plugin manager (command ‘PluginManager’ to open it). This can be compared to the latest version number mentioned on the main download page.

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