ShoeLastMaker Terms and Conditions

By using Shoe Last Maker, a plugin for the commercial software Rhinoceros 3D, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

– Shoe Last Maker is private property and shall not be distributed by any person or party other than the plugin author.
– Shoe Last Maker is provided as is and no guarantee is provided as to its correct and error free operation.
– You accept full responsibility for any harm or damage that may come from using Shoe Last Maker.
– The plugin is currently free to use though some features may eventually be considered premium features and priced accordingly.
– Only basic email support is provided with the purchase of templates within one year of purchase, which is limited to installation of the plugin and building of a shoe last.
– If support is required for other aspects of the software, such as parametric design, importing foot models, etc., full email support may be purchased on a yearly basis.
– The plugin requires internet connectivity to use and periodic software updates are necessary.
– All template sales are final.
– The Shoe Last Maker plugin may not be altered in any way.
– Any feedback provided by users may be incorporated into Shoe Last Maker without restriction or payment.
– Neither the template models nor modifications of the template models may be transferred or sold to any other entity.
– The customer accepts full responsibility for any harm or damage that may come from using Shoe Last Maker models, manufacturing the models, or using any manufactured instances of them.
– The customer agrees to not distribute copies, recordings, or any other form of duplication of support content including emails, videos, and screen sharing sessions.
– This agreement does not transfer any right, title or interest in any intellectual property right.
– The details of this agreement may be subject to change at any time.